Our Work with CelebrateOne

Our Goal

Our goal is to decrease the racial disparity in infant mortality, M4M CHWS; in partnership with CelebrateOne Community Connectors,
we have reached over 25,000 homes in Columbus, Ohio, and other surrounding areas through our door-to-door canvassing. We provided homes with important information (e.g., door hangers, brochures, flyers) related to infant mortality and its determinants and additional resourceful.

How we do it

In our efforts to close the disparity between infant and maternal mortality among African Americans, M4M consistently reaches residents with social media, advertising, and health promotion materials related to infant mortality, equity, and ways to get involved in local efforts.

Working together.

Community Engagement

We hosts different types of community engagement sessions and events and collaborates with other community engagement organizations to bring awareness about infant mortality and racial disparities.

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Changing the conditions and quality of life in our communities

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